reflections on hope and cares

there are plenty
of fish
in the sea
but remember
it's the fish
who gets hooked
not the fisher
man or woman

Life in the West can seem terribly burdensome at times as care is piled on top of care on top of care.

Getting up, getting to work (or perhaps even getting work), getting fed, getting some recognition, getting some reward, getting some status, getting some fun, getting some happiness, getting some companionship, getting some love.

There's a lot to get. A lot to care about.

But how much of this really matters in the long run? In the long run, not much I bet.

In the long run most of our Western cares are trivial.

In the long run our Western cares can seem to border on the obscene.

Consider this.

Should a family of Afghan refugees fleeing religious intolerance or a war that has destroyed their house and livelihood care that you and yours all have to go out to work to afford your over-priced home and over-privileged life?

Should an activist in Burma facing prison or worse because she actually dared to say what she thought care that your internet connection is not up to speed?

Should a mother in Bosnia mourning the death of her son and rape of her daughter during a senseless and brutal ethnic war care that your heart may have been broken in some ephemeral love affair?

Our Western cares may seem an endless burden. Lets keep them in perspective. That is a hope.